Professional Background and History

As a communication tool, he bought a set of sponge balls. That was his first introduction to magic. While staying in the U.S, he was totally fascinated with the show business industry, and that's when he made the decision to become a professional.

His is mostly slight-of-hand magic. One magician. Two hands. A lot of surprises.

He gained much experience from performing in magic bars, restaurants, events and weddings. He has the ability to perform under a variety of circumstances.

His gentle manner and friendly smiles may explain why he has more female than male fans, but overall, he has loyal fans of all ages, both female and male, and not only Japanese fans. In fact, thanks to his English skills, he is also the one of few magicians in Japan who can perform to many foreigners.

From close-up Magic, to his preferred stage magic, he will take you on a journey you will never forget. Enjoy the miracles.


Has performed at;

  • Magic bars
  • Commercial Events
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bridals
  • Lions Club, and Lotary Events
  • and more...

Media appearance

  • MUSIC EDGE (Mainichi Broadcasting)
  • マダム信子のボンジュ~ル! おめめちゃん(TOKYO MX)
  • ウラマヨ!(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)